The blog

After 13 years as a local news staff photographer, with a healthy little freelance business on the side, I have now launched into the world of the full-time freelancer. This blog will document the highs and lows of my photographic way of life as I talk about work, cameras, lunch, and anything else that I encounter along the way to capturing that ‘decisive moment’. Watch out for posts on my personal projects as well,with pinhole cameras, photograms, infrared photography, and the wonders of 1950’s era cameras.

Man Knitting For Photographers

I have been looking at aftermarket camera straps recently and my are they expensive. Then I found some websites about […]

Keep ‘Em Peeled

I was washing up, would you believe?, when I spotted this colourful abstract right in front of me….

Posts rising from the surface of a lake provide gull perches.
The sun sets over modern architecture.

Comparative Lighting Survey

Apart from a slight change on composition the two above pictures are near identical and shot within a matter of […]

A Peacock butterfly basking in the sun, Bayhurst Woods.