Hello Stranger

I have not posted a proper blog post for months.
I have quite a few posts that promise a follow up on projects I’ve been working on that I never did follow through with.
One project I have been tinkering with for a long time is pinhole photography.
I have made posts about my Ceramic Pinhole Camera work and paper negatives but not written anything about the AgiPinFold, a 1940’s bellows camera that I converted to shoot pinhole. The analogue photography website Emulsive has an article I wrote about that one.
I’ve recently bought some laser drilled pinholes from Reality So Subtle for my Nikon body cap and have been using that with my infrared converted D90
I need a proper catch up, and to write some more posts about my recent photo life as well.
There’s the Voigtlander Bessa 6×9 I bought for a start, the Sunny 16 Podcast Cheap Shots Challenge and more stuff than I can actually remember!
Fingers crossed I can get back on this hobby horse a bit more regularly.