Amazing What You Find In The Fog

I had spotted a potential location for a shoot a couple of years ago whilst out on assignment, the ruined church of St John the Evangelist Stanmore .
It was a foggy morning and I packed my D810 and LensBaby Edge80 Optic up and jumped in the car.
The fog and the ruin were suitably atmospheric but what really caught my eye was the graveyard angel I opened this post with.
I had no idea at the time but it is the grave marker of WS Gilbert Of Gilbert and Sullivan fame. He lived nearby and drowned in his pond whilst giving a swimming lesson.
I found this out whilst reading Flickering Lamps, a website I have only just discovered but that is full of interesting historical gems.
I knew WS Gilbert was a local who had lived and died in the area but when I shot this grave in the fog I was blissfully unaware of whose Angel it was.