An Olympus That Does Light My Fire

The Olympus 35RC rangefinder camera.

One year ago this month I bought an Olympus 35RC .
This rangefinder is the smallest manual 35mm camera ever made, so I’ve read, and I have used it on and off the last 12 months, but not an awful lot.

I bought it in the hope that it would appeal to me more than the Olympus Trip I had a try out of three years ago.
It certainly did.
It’s giving me everything that the Trip did not in terms of user experience.
I have even sorted out a battery for the light meter – that only took a year.

Olympus 35RC with hearing aid battery and blue tack.

(The Blue Tack Method was a tip that I got off Hamish Gill’s 35mmc website)

One of the plus sides of the 35RC is a mechanical shutter. You only need a battery for the light meter, although once the light meter is up and running you can activate an automatic shooting mode. This appeals to the lazy photographer in me I do confess.

My backlog of films awaiting development includes a couple that I shot in the 35RC, so once I’ve got my arse in gear and caught up with that backlog I might even have some pics to show you.

Until then, have another look at the camera itself. It is a proper cutey…….
The Olympus 35RC rangefinder camera.