An intimate moment between the newly wed couple.

The Hug

Being newly wed is an emotional time.  

Reto Ultra Wide and Slim

The Point and Shoot class of camera  is something I haven’t owned for a long time. A basic point and […]

Love strikes at any age

Love strikes at any age

I have been photographing weddings for over 20 years. In that time most of my couples have been young, but […]

Unknown meadow flowers

Wandering In Meadows

Sometimes I just pick up a camera and go out. This can be a good way of finding images. It […]

Olympus 0M1n with 135mm lens

As Good As New

This is (my daughter’s) Olympus 0M1n It was just serviced by Londinium Cameras and feels like new. Contact them if […]

That troublesome end of the roll frame

End of the Roll

Here’s another of my Bencini Comet S Images. I haven’t posted them in chronological order, this is the last frame […]