Beats A Trip Hands Down

Bellcommon Tunnel, M25 Essex stretch. Olympus 35RC.

So, that Olympus 35RC. In several words – I absolutely loved it!
It was everything that I had hoped. And everything that the Olympus Trip had not been.

Poly Tunnel roof, Olympus 35RC.

Poly Tunnel Roof

I have never even shot with a rangefinder, never mind owned one, and it was a sublime experience – even without a battery and needing an external light meter.

Stained glass window, St Margaret's, Uxbridge. Olympus 35RC.

Church Stained Glass

To say that I am happy with the camera is an understatement, I will be 35mm’ing it for a while now, but my Hasselblad will be coming along to keep things steady

Olympus 35RC with Hasselblad. Chaperoning is a Leningrad 4 light meter.

With Leningrad 4 light meter as chaperone.

The moon, the office reflected. Olympus 35RC at night.

Late Night Canal
This image is made up of the first two frames I exposed. They overlapped as I was getting to grips with the new camera.

An alleyway, often passed but rarely looked into. Olympus 35RC.

Overlooked Alley

Olympus 35RC. Bike shelter. Direct sun.

Bicycle Shelter And Direct Sun

Next step is a battery for the light meter – the original 1970’s battery is illegal these days due to mercury content – but there are alternative options in the market. More on that as and when.

In the meantime – I must consider making a pinhole soon – that Ceramic Pinhole Camera is needing some attention….