Beetle In The Blue Hour

Beetle In The Blue Hour - Olympus 35RC and Fujicolour Superia.

I was out cruising recently, just looking to see if I could find a shot. It was dusk, the last part of the day with any light in the sky.
Known as The Blue Hour.
Sometimes I go out with a camera pro-actively looking to get a picture, this was one of those occasions. I was carrying my Olympus 35RC with a roll of FujiColour Superia 1600, a high ISO film perfect for low light levels.
I came across this Volkswagen Beetle parked at the side of the road.
It was just sitting there, with it’s lights on. I tried asking around but nobody knew who it belonged to.
I got the shot, blue sky and burning yellow headlamps, and moved on. I never did find out who owned it.
I hope the battery wasn’t flat when they returned to carry on with their journey.