Bridges, Rushes and Beyond The Visible Spectrum

A bridge over The Grand Union Canal in infrared.

I was out and about again this weekend, and since the weather was looking so suitable I took my infrared converted Nikon D70 with me.
The above image is a canal bridge that spans the Grand Union, I left it colour as I liked the vivid rendition. Otherworldly- beyond the capacity of the human eye.
Rushes against an infrared sky.
These rushes were reaching for the black sunny skies, and and the pic below was taken by a friend, it shows the photographer in the act of exposing the rushes image – if the sky was in the frame it would be a rich blue, not I. R. black.
The photographer capturing his I. R. rushes image.

Please see my Flickr gallery for more I. R. images, and plenty of other images beside.
Thank you.