Building a Digital Pinhole

Digital Pinhole

I love darkroom work, the first 13 working years of my life were spent in the dark, processing and printing film. I have been teaching my daughter how to make and use pinhole cameras and photomontages (see another post about traditional wet process work we have been doing) but sometimes the convenience of digital photography is too good not to take advantage of.

I drilled through an old body plug for my camera to make a hole about 2cm in diameter, then cut a small square out of an old can of fizzy pop and gently made a pinhole-sized hole in it—with a pin. I Gaffer taped the metal onto the body plug and there was a pinhole lens for a Nikon camera. The whole process took me five minutes to complete and the new lens is viable for use on any Nikon, film or digital.

Digital Pinhole lens