Chems and Paper

New paper and chemistry means my Ceramic Pinhole Camera is out of the box and exposing again.

My last Ceramic Pinhole Camera sessions ended in disappointment due to fogged paper and exhausted chemicals. You can read about this here .

My first exposures with the new consumables were made with my SB800 Speedlight. 4, 8 and 16 full power flashes made no noticeable image on my negs so I resorted to my trusty angle poise lamp

An angle poise lamp lighting a Ceramic Pinhole Camera exposure.

Two hours exposing in the evening have got me a thin negative, which explains the slightly muddy looking image at the top of this post, the negative looks like this:

A paper negative made in my Ceramic Pinhole Camera.

Which means I need either a brighter light source or more patience with the one I have already got.