Colour Me Greyscale

I recently posted these two images to my FaceBook page, they are the same picture, one version in colour and one in black and white, and on a whim, asked which one my followers preferred.


The response was firmly for the monochrome version, the post was viewed by 426 people, of those who expressed a preference 15 replied and 12 opted for the B/W version, one for the colour version and one said they liked them both.
I also had comments likening the B/W image to an ‘evil snowflake’ and an ‘evil spider web’ as well as something that would grace the cover of Black Metal album. (I am taking all these as compliments)

I have always preferred monochrome over colour images, there is a depth and feeling to black and white that harks back to a golden age – I can feel my eyes getting all dewy as you read this – and I must say that the B/W version is the one that I secretly hoped would get all the votes.

It is an interesting challenge to set your digital camera to it’s monochrome setting, I bet it has one if you look, and spend some time capturing images in black and white. A different mindframe kicks in as you compose and capture without any colour, and if you really find yourself drawn to it you could invest in a Leica M Monochrom, the world’s first digital black and white only camera. Or, if Leica is as out of your financial grasp as it is mine, then why not try some black and white Heritage Media – or film if you prefer – as a way of really Colouring Me Greyscale.