D’ing It Myself

The view from inside the camera.
Six slabs of clay ready to assemble into a cube.

After mucking about with pinhole photography and alternate processes a bit recently, I decided to have a go at making my own pinhole camera.
Not just making a pinhole lens, but the whole actual camera. I decided to make it out of clay, and luckily, my wife is a ceramicist so I have expert advice on tap.
The above picture shows six slabs of clay that I rolled out. These were fitted together to make a cube, the camera body.

This pics below show the assembled cube, with a hole cut in it, the pinhole lens will be fitted over the large hole.

The clay is leather hard and the six sides of the cube are in place.
The six clay panels stuck together to make a cube. This will be a pinhole camera. Large hole for the pinhole.

I will used the tried and trusted method of making a pinhole lens – cut up a drink can and push a pin through it – then fit it to the inside of the hole. With gaffer tape short term and if I am happy with the lens, I will glue it on.

The wet clay went to the studio to be fired in the kiln, more updates at the next stage of the process.