E6 To Redscale Crossprocess – Film Wrecking

I’m off to Prague for the weekend, I’m travelling light – minimalist – which meant a not so difficult choice.
The Nikon D90 infrared conversion is coming, plus the 35mm f1.8. Gotta love a prime lens. I’m also bringing my LensBaby Edge80 (another prime) and my body cap pinhole lens as well. (Technically a prime…?)
That’s digital shooting sorted, so next up is a film camera. The only choice for a quick couple of nights away living out of a small bag is my Olympus 35RC. It was conveniently designed for travel photography and will fit in my coat pocket without any worries.
As for film, I decided to go for an experiment. A roll of Fuji Velvia, a slide film, but I’ve respooled it backwards to shoot it Redscale, and I will also be getting it crossprocesed through C-41 chemicals so it comes out as negative.

I’m not 100% certain this will be a successful experiment, but I’ve already loaded the film – and I’m sitting on the plane – so I am committed to the combination.

Fingers X’d! Prost!!