Expired Slide Film

Army Fellow and Tryranosurus. Expired Velvia in the AgiPinFold.

I have not yet written about the pinhole conversion I did recently.
An article about how I did it featured on the analogue photography website Emulsive and I may well write about it here at some point.
Right now I want to post some photos I took with it. Using Velvia, a slide film that expired 14 years ago.
AgiPinFold. Home converted pinhole camera.
The AgiPinFold.

Wolf Fam. Expired Velvia in the AgiPinFold.
Wolf Family.

Self Portrait. Expired Velvia in the AgiPinFold.
Pinhole Self Portrait.

I was uncertain how they would come out, being so old, but was very pleased with the outcomes.
I have lots more of this expired stock and will be shooting it in the near future.