Fighting The Fog

Split Log - Ceramic Pinhole Camera image.

It’s been a while since my last post.
The fogging issue runs deeper than I expected – I’m going to need a fresh box of paper.
The results I have been getting with the Ceramic Pinhole Camera have been pleasing to me, and have been well received on Instagram but I am frustrated by the lack of contrast in my images.
Photoshop has helped in bringing out the details in my paper negatives, but the lack of a true ‘black’ and ‘white’ (D-max and D-min) irks me.

Ceramic Pinhole Camera image of an Aloe plant.

My intention, when I started this project, was to create images that looked like they could almost have been taken in the late 1800’s.
I think I am definitely achieving this feel in what I have produced so far, and my minor frustrations as far as tonal range go can be smoothed over now I know just how badly spoiled my paper actually is.

Dragon Skeleton Flagon taken with Ceramic Pinhole Camera.

As a lover of both photography and history, combining the two in this project and producing 21st Century Neo Victorian still life work was my goal.
I feel success is within my grasp.