Five Years Later

Hasselblad 501C at dawn, West Witterings beach.

I was 45 years old recently, on a birthday trip to The Seaside I made a special effort to be on the beach for sun up – 07.30 hours.
My plans all went wrong when, as I wound my Hasselblad on after shooting just one frame, it jammed!

Hasselblad with body shutter jammed open. My heart sank and I felt sick.
The body shutter jammed as I wound on from the first frame.

I am getting around to getting around to getting my Hasselblad fixed, but whilst it is knackered my memory stirred and I recalled my 40th birthday, I received a Mamiya C330 from friends but it was jammed. I left it gathering dust on a shelf for a few years, then I put it into a bag and forgot about it.
The last few days since the beach jamming I have been fiddling with it, and consulting The Internet, and I actually worked out what the problem was – and I fixed it.
On my own!
With no help except that which I found in nerdy analogue camera discussion forums.

I am exceedingly pleased with myself.

I am not going too bore anyone here and now with what the problem was, nor how I fixed it, but do not doubt that a role gaffer tape, a can of WD-40 and a hammer were involved.

My Mamiya C330, I have had it for five years and have just got around too fixing it's jam.
After five years I have fixed the jammed mechanism.

The two cameras are very different in design and shooting styles, but both produce a 6cm X 6cm square image.
Now, I’m going to pop up to the Hasselblad repair shop and shoot a roll with the Mamiya on the way. ‘Scuse me……..