Infrared Live!

Holy Faction live. Taken on Infrared at 720nm.

A friend’s band – Holy Faction – played a gig recently and I wanted to take some pics for them.
I was looking at my D810 and thinking (lazily) ‘I can’t be bothered to lug that thing along’ when it struck me that my infrared converted D90 is a very small and comfortable sized body.
I wasn’t sure about the IR conversion picking up the dimly lit stage and so brought along my SB-80 strobe and TTL cable. I had my 35mm prime lens as the one and only glass for the evening.
As you can see from the above shot, the ambient light was a bit murky but once I started using my flash it all came together.

Dave, Holy Faction bassist. Taken on Infrared at 720nm.

I usually make my infrared images black and white, but I really liked some of the colours I captured.

Richard,?Holy Faction drummer. Taken on Infrared at 720nm.
Malc, Holy Faction guitarist. Taken on Infrared at 720nm.

I’d never thought to do live shots in Infrared before, but band portraits I have.
The D90 will be coming out to play next time there’s a gig in the offing.
And if you would like some IR shots of your band, then drop me a line and we can see the light together.