Observational Phone Camera Photography

A silhouette of a cockatoo eating a large bar of choc? Or the shadow of my hand holding my phone?

The lens of the mobile phone camera is what is used more than any other device too capture images these days.
Instead of a blizzard of ‘selfies’ why not try looking beyond your gurning mug and see what is to be found if you actually LOOK.
The entrance to a now non existent estate, this once grand arch is slowly crumbling away.

This once grand archway is slowly rotting away, I stopped especially too take this picture when I spotted the structure on my way past it to an unrelated location.

Is this a cloud formation seen from outer orbit?

Is this a continent wide cloud formation seen from outer orbit? Or mud from a canal bed, churned up by a boat propeller?

Black and white textures.

Monochrome textures. Another ariel shot? Or a mundane wall with a bit of lateral thinking applied?

The opportunity too capture images is all around you, all you need too do is take a moment out of your day and look further than you normally would, making what is, hopefully, a striking image from what most people don’t even see as they go about their day.