Prague On Film

St Vitus Cathedral In Redscale

As I have already posted, I shot Prague recently, on film and digital.
The above shot is of St Vitus Cathedral.

Prague On Redscale
On the River Vltava

The film was shot in my Olympus 35RC – a camera I am increasingly falling in love with more and more.

Prague On Redscale
Riverside Architecture

My approach to shooting film on holiday is to try and take a whole roll of different subjects. On digital I may take two or three shots of the same subject, but on film I try to make each of the 36 frames it’s own image.

Prague On Redscale
The City Viewed From Prague Castle

I also got a usable image from each frame as far as exposures go, but there’s a couple where it looks like I just forgot to focus.
School Boy Error.

Prague On Redscale
Unfocused Street Scene

I shot a roll of Fujifilm Velvia 50 and respooled it backwards for that Redscale look that I love so much.
I had the roll developed at Silver Pan Film Lab

Prague On Redscale

I don’t know when I’m next due outside the country, never mind due back in Prague, but the next holiday I’ll be packing Redscale – as for the camera? I love the 35RC, but there’s a queue forming in the camera cupboard……

Prague On Redscale
St Vitus Cathedral

Prague On Redscale
Afternoon Sunlight

Prague On Redscale
Panned Tram

Prague On Redscale
The Corner Building

Prague On Film.
Vltava View