Red Bricks In Redscale

A Pillored walk way shot on RedScale film.

I shot a roll of RedScale film recently, the first analogue photography I have done for several months.
The opening image is a secluded brick pillored walkway.

A balcony of red bricks, shot on RedScale film.


My Canon AT-1 and a roll of FujiFilm X-tra 800, used for shooting RedScale.

I used my Canon AT-1 and a roll of FujiFilm X-tra 800, the high ISO being perfect for the need to overexpose your respooled film.

I made a short film about respooling for RedScale shooting:

The low light of a setting Autumnal sun illuminates  a spiral staircase

Autumnal sun illuminating a spiral staircase.

A grand, but little used, door, shot on RedScale film.

A once grand doorway.

Ivy seeks to invade a tower. RedScale film.

Ivy scales a tower.

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