Stop Mucking About So

This picture I took a couple of days ago, just a plain old ‘normal’ digital image taken with my D810 and 85mm f1.8 lens. No film, infrared or LensBabies.
I posted this pic on Twitter, and on a whim tweeted it to Nikon Europe. They liked, commented on it, and retweeted it.
Maybe that tells me I should muck about a bit less and take a moment to appreciate what I can do with my mainstream gear. This is the kit I take to work and it is high spec stuff.
I work with the more esoteric practices that I talk about on here as an antidote to those ‘normal’ images I shoot whilst at work, making pictures that are not sharp, or have an incoherent colour balance, or are shot in a frequency of light the human eye cannot even see. This has always been a bit of a headspace thing for me – the mucking about – and it will continue, but I won’t be leaving the kit in my daily bag lying about so much in between assignments.