homemade pinhole

They say about pinhole photography ‘nothing is sharp, but everything is in focus’ and that lo-fi feel to this style of photography is what so many modern phone apps are all about. Instagram, Hipster and the rest are all about taking a clean modern digital file and making it look out of focus, blurred and smearing the colours out of true. A benefit of digital pinhole work is that you can see the results instantly instead of having to process film or paper first, you will always need more light for pinhole work than you would expect so being able too preview the image quickly and judge a change to exposure is a boon. Even at maximum ISO in daylight the exposure times are barely hand holdable

Concrete Brutalism, car park spiral in pinhole.
Fuji NPS 160 Contact Sheet

The AgiPinFold

The AgiPinFold has been mentioned a few times on my blog, but only in passing. I’ve not done any proper […]

AgiPinFold Crystal Skull
Tilehurst Water Tower In Foamcore Pinhole.

The Water Tower

This is Tilehurst Water Tower , another Foamcore image I have made recently. The BTS looks like this: A 1930’s […]

Foamcore pinhole image of Bridge 189.

Neo Victorian Image Capture

One of the things I love about pinhole photography – and alternative processes in general – is the dated look […]

Pinhole camera image of the Flitch Way Bridge. Paper negative.

The Tall View

I stepped up the pinhole game recently, bought a large sheet of Foamcore and built two pinhole cameras. One is […]

New paper and chemistry means my Ceramic Pinhole Camera is out of the box and exposing again.

Chems and Paper

My last Ceramic Pinhole Camera sessions ended in disappointment due to fogged paper and exhausted chemicals. You can read about […]

A pinhole being measured this evening.

Ceramic Foggy Failure

I have had not much success with my Ceramic Pinhole Camera this week. I started off using paper that was […]

I made a pinhole lens to fit the Ceramic Pinhole Camera!

Pinholes R Us

After a short delay I managed to actually make a pinhole lens for my Project Ceramic Pinhole Camera. It seems […]