The AgiPinFold

Fuji NPS 160 Contact Sheet

The AgiPinFold has been mentioned a few times on my blog, but only in passing. I’ve not done any proper blogging about it – although there are a couple of articles about it over on Emulsive if you fancy a peep?

I actually owe Em a third article, so this could be considered a warm up….

This is the AgiPinFold:

AgiPinFold. Home converted pinhole camera.

It’s an old 1940’s bellows camera (I don’t genderise my cameras….) I got it dirt cheap as the front element was missing – rendering it useless for photography – but perfect for lensless photography once I’d converted it.
In this case ‘conversion’ means ‘smash out the lens with a hammer and screwdriver’.

So, that’s the intro, I’ll be posting individual images soon….

Fuji NPS 160 Contact Sheet