The Art of the Ordinary – Out of Your Pocket

Everyday objects can be made to look like art.

If you keep a photographic head on your shoulders then you should be able to find a subject almost anywhere.
My mobile phone is constantly full of images I shoot as I am going about my day.
The above image I shot recently is a light fitting on a wall. It wasn’t difficult to visualise how I could render it once I had done a bit of post processing in SnapSeed – my favourite manipulation app.

Lift Roof b

This is the roof of a lift I rode in recently, it took seconds to take the pic and process it.

Below is a mistake I took by accident as I put my phone back into my pocket. I’ve not taken a better star trail picture since.

False Star Trail. A pocket photograph.
A light fitting re-imagined as art.

This is another angle on the wall mounted light fitting above, the contrasting lights and darks and the distinct lines take it far above and beyond a mere household item.

I was on assignment at an orchestral performance recently and I casually took this trombone, awaiting it’s stage call, as I wandered past.

A trombone awaiting stage call.

Anything can be visualised as art, carpark stairwells, a close up detail of a bridge, schoolyard fences, it’s all in how you approach the subject with your camera.

Carpark stairs as art.
Bridge uprights.
Two fences.

Another technique for making something ‘ordinary’ look ‘arty’ is to make it black and white. Mono conversions provide depth in an image that the colour version can’t hope to match up to.
I didn’t intend to have seven out of the nine pics in this post as black and white images, it’s just how I preferred them to look.

Upright logs.

This article’s images have all been taken in the last month, I just keep on keeping my eyes open. There is always art in front of you…….