The Tall View

Pinhole camera image of the Flitch Way Bridge. Paper negative.

I stepped up the pinhole game recently, bought a large sheet of Foamcore and built two pinhole cameras.
One is 5×7” – more on that later – and one is 10×4”.
This odd format gives an aspect ratio of 1:2.5 and is perfect for panoramic photography.

The actual camera is a simple ‘box within a box’ design and looks like this:
10x4 Inch Pinhole Camera, built from Foamcore.
it took less than 15 minutes too make. A metal ruler, a craft knife and some thick tape to hold it all together.

This behind the scene shot shows how the exposure was set up:
Footbridge Pinhole BTS
and my exposure was 3 minutes and 20 seconds using Ilford Photo Ilfospeed Grade3 RC paper that I am favouring for pinhole work because it is pre-graded and so gives better contrast in the negative.