Thinking Time

iPhone6 self portrait in the tumble dryer.

I’m in the launderette.
I come here quite often, and try to utilise what could easily be Dead Time as best I can.
I have written, and posted, blog articles whilst sitting in this exact spot quite a few times.
If anyone ever does read this, have you got a chore that involves hanging about?
Do you put that time to good use in terms of productivity?
A blog post could just be a nice pic and a paragraph about it, a few minutes work.
You could also spend time planning a longer piece of writing, including multiple images.

I quite often have pre-shot camera images on my phone, prepped and ready for mobile blogging. And sometimes I even write a post offline in Notes and upload it at a later date. The last few posts I’ve made here I wrote on my phone during a flight home from a recent trip to Prague.

There’s more to filling Dead Time than scrolling through social media – although I do a lot of that as well.