Personal projects

As a camera obsessive, once I have finished work, the first thing I reach for is another camera. A 1950’s classic, a digital compact converted for capturing infrared light or a homemade pinhole camera forged from an old tin and wrapped up in Gaffer Tape. I use a variety of cameras for fun and the projects page is where favourite images will be posted, alongside dangerously nerdy tech chat that will explain the process that led to the capture of the image.

Heritage Train Site on Heritage Camera

I was recently walking through the car park of the (closed) Blaenavon’s Heritage Railway Site with an Olympus 0M1n and some Ilford Kentmere400

Because of Covid19 the place is closed, which meant the trains were not running. Which is why I managed to get the above shot. I’d never trespass on live train tracks – that’s a suicidal thing to do.

Unused Train Carriage
Disused Carriage

Because the centre is closed there isn’t much to see apart from a pair of old carriages on display in the car park and the station – plus the tracks.

Unused Train Carriage
Number Plate

Unused Train Carriage
Tow Hook

The slow decay of the carriages – rusty metal and rotting wood – was fascinating.

Unused Train Carriage
Interior Viewed Through Exterior

It may be a bit of a cliche, but black and white film paired with the slow decay of something aged really seem to work together perfectly.

Unused Train Carriage

Unused Train Carriage

When the centre reopens I will return and capture some stock in a better state of repair, but until then, the wild flowers will continue to grow on the line.

Train Tracks With Wild Flower

End of the Roll

Here’s another of my Bencini Comet S Images.
I haven’t posted them in chronological order, this is the last frame of the roll.
I have to respool 35mm film into 127 format backing paper to use this camera.
I should write a post about that process really.
But, this is where the film ran out. And then I dev’d it.

The Bencini Comet S

Bencini Comet S Front View

I first discovered 127 format cameras about 10 years ago.
I was looking for a classic medium format camera, which one I had no idea, I was just browsing, and I encountered the 127 format for the first time.
I ‘fell down the rabbit hole’

Bencini Comet S Top View

I have four 127 cameras in my cupboard, I will post more about them in my usual haphazard fashion, in the meantime you can read more about the Bencini Comet on Camer-Wiki