Tripping Off Into The Sunset

Olympus Trip 35mm - a photographic icon.

Well, I have said it already, but I’ll say it again:

I did not enjoy my experience with that pesky old Olympus Trip.
On paper there was nothing not too like about this seminal piece of kit: old school, analogue, stout metal build, mechanical shutter, nice sharp lens, the list of positives goes on and on…….

This is my third blog post about using one – here’s where you can find the previous two
and I came to the idea with no small amount of excitement – but what it boils down to is control.
I like a manual camera, PASM if you know what I mean, and not having full manual control this wasn’t the camera for me.
I am very pleased with most of the results I got, but the user interface (if you can talk like that about a camera that pre-dates the internet by so many years) wasn’t what I wanted.

Whitby Harbour, taken with an Olympus Trip 35.
Whitby Harbour at Dusk

Weedy steps, taken on an Olympus Trip 35.
Weedy Steps

The decent of a wier on the River Aire, taken with an Olympus Trip 35.
A Wier on the River Aire

If you have one, and like it, then I am glad. Use it and enjoy! Me? Well, have you ever heard of the Olympus 35SP? No? Oh my…..